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The dangerous ideas tour review

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 Art is beautiful. Especially when performed with clarity, sincerity and passion. The dangerous ideas tour was an embodiment of these facets. Poets of different heritages, different stories and most importantly different ideas uniting for change. The title may seem a little peculiar to some. But the sub title leaves one in deep contemplation; peace, love and justice.


How can peace, love and justice be dangerous? According to the poetry slam, the answer to that question is through change. The lucid writers addressed issues of pressing interest and relevance to many. From experiences of rape victims, to near death experiences, to thought-provoking thoughts on our societal malformations. Renowned poets including  Amir Sulaiman, Poetic Pilgrimage and Warsan Shire. Travellers in both the conventional and unconventional sense. Journeys through the boundaries and norms of societal values and defending ones state by explaining that it is a necessary step in order for her to reach the full integrity of one’s soul.


Questions had began to evolve throughout the poetry slam; why do we decide to abide by society’s expectations when we’re unhappy with our position in society? Through the use of poetic prose one becomes more involved in the stories of the poets and develop almost a hunger to listen on.


Each poet had a story of their own, each storyteller able to reach inside a situation and bring out insight and meaning. Common listeners were able to identify with the poets and grasp the essence of their feelings.


The event proved that spoken word whether amateur or professional enables one to express the most troublesome, personal and difficult story in an honest and remarkable poetic prose. Our ability to ignite or defuse tension depends very much the extent to which we recognise its influence as an instrument to change perceptions.


The event ended with Amir Sulaiman and his poem entitled danger. The idea of the poetry slam was to promote dangerous ideas through poetry. Dangerous ideas that are dangerous not because they are treacherous to society but because these ideas have the ability to make a difference to this world, ideas as dangerous, powerful, potent and as immense as Peace, Love and Justice. A tool of compassionate mercy rather than a weapon of hatred. An action taken, to describe the message within. Word!









Written by Magda M Ali

June 10, 2008 at 8:26 pm

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